Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda – Basic Course (10 hours) :

Meaning and definitions of Ayurveda
Historical legacy of Ayurveda
Concept of Loka-Purusha theory.
Concept of “Health” according to Ayurveda
Introduction to Panchamaha bhutas (Five gross elements theory)
Tridosha Theory
Importance of Agni (Digestive fire) in Ayurveda
Concept of Ahara (Food) in Ayurveda
Concept of Sleep in Ayurveda
Non-suppressible and suppressible urges for “preserving health”.

Introduction to Ayurveda – Advanced Course (10 hours) :

Concept of Three pillars of life (Tridandas) Sattva-Atma-Sharira
Concept of Three sub-pillars of Life (Tri-Upasthambas) Food-Sleep-Celibacy/Sex.
Concept of Prakriti (Physical and Mental constitution)
Concept of Dialy health
Concept of Seasonal Health
Concept of Panchakarma ( Body purification)
Home remedies for common health problems.